Timber and Logging

We are delivering productivity to the timber and logging Industry to help you get the most out of your time in the woods.

ManuFactor serves the Timber and Logging Industry with a focused selection of products that work to address the equipment needs that arise from the extreme conditions that loggers are exposed to throughout the year.

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Ethics Standards


To us, ethical behavior is more than words on paper. It is a total commitment involving every employee, crossing all lines of business, impacting everything we do.

Quality at Every Step


Our philosophy on quality is simple; meet our clients’ expectations through continuous quality improvement and build our work right the first time.

Equal Opportunity


ManuFactor is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women, minorities, veterans and the disabled to apply. All employees are treated equally.

Financial Strength

Privately-held, ManuFactor is one of the largest direct-hire industrial contractors. We have strong banking and bonding relationships, as well as resources and systems.

Future Generations

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